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Abilene: captains@westtexaspgr.org

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Odessa: pgrpermianbasin@yahoo.com or teresagalloway828@gmail.com  

San Angelo: swagner220@yahoo.com or purocorazonyalma@gmail.com


To request a mission other than the locations listed above please visit:


Although we appreciate important information and a good joke as much as anyone, please refrain from sending these types of  email to the captains account.  Requests, questions and information about the PGR and our missions is always welcome and appreciated but other emails are deleted without being read.   


If you pick up one of our flags and notice a label below the flag, take a minute to check it out.  You will find the name, service, rank, date of birth and date of sacrifice of one of the KIA service men we've honored.  Just as these men were randomly taken from us, the flag dedicated to their memory appears by chance according to how they were returned.  I was reminded of my first mission not long ago when I happened to get the flag in memory of Rueben Fernandez.



The Story Behind The Patch

       I had noticed the Scooter Sissy patch before but didn't think too much as to why someone would have such a patch made.  Maybe for the ladies I had seen east of here that rode scooters but that didn't seam quite right and today I decided to see what it was all about.  I"m glad I took the time and I think I may get one of these. 
      Years ago, in an interview on the Sean Hannity show, Shirley Phelps-Roper of the Westboro Baptist Church called in to harass the Patriot Guard Riders. She made the statement that Jeff Brown (one of the early PGR leaders) was in charge of a group of "scooter sissies". The PGR, with an established history of watching something meant for evil turned to something good, decided to have patches made bearing that title.



Our support vehicle carries more than flags and water.  We usually have crackers and cookies for when you need something in your stomach after one of those long rides where you don't get a chance to eat and we also try to keep sunscreen, insect repellant and wet wipes on hand.   These items are provided free of charge but donations are accepted and appreciated.  A limited inventory of PGR merchandise is also generally available.





Does anyone else go on the Internet looking for one thing and find something else?  I ran across a youtube video of a Marine's memorial where his commanding officer gave the symbolism of each part of the Soldier's Cross.  I do not know if his is official but found it moving none the less.  The Helmet and ID Tags are a reminder to never forget the soldier that gave his life.  The rifle  witih fixed bayonet plunged into the ground inticate a break in the action for prayer and tribute to the fallen.  The boots signify the last march of a warrior and the safe path made thereby for those that follow.




It has come to our attention that some vendors are selling rocker patches to go with the large PGR rider patch. NO PGR members are authorized to wear rocker patches.  For information about patches please see about patches on our links page.























 Last Updated: 18 December 2018