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Surviving Families of Fallen Warriors
26 August 2017

 Robin Shaw 5 May 2017



Preston Williams 16 June 2017





Memorial Day 2017 - Texas State Veterans Cemetery at Abilene



Honor Mission for Cpl Dale Simpson U.S. Army 30 April 2017 


This is Andrew Simpson and Y'all ran a honor ride for my Father at Indian Creek and I wanted to thank you and the guys again for a VERY memorable time. Thanks also for the certificate, it was awesome! You guys did a great job that we still bring up with great emotion as we remember that sunny Sunday afternoon. Thank Y'all again Sir
Andrew and Dawn Simpson



Honor Mission for Lehman E. Campbell - SFC U.S. Army 22 February 2017

The following was printed in the Funeral pamplet.




Honor MIssion for  Billy Jack "BJ" Deal - WW II U. S. Navy - 22 June 2013

I would like to take this time to thank you and all of you fellow Patriot Riders for escorting my father's earthly remains to his final resting
place at Brown Ranch Cemetery.  That was very impressive.  The flag on the back of your ride was so very beautiful.  Thank you again for a job well done.



Margaret Taylor


Thanks for everything man.  Mom was much impressed.  If y'all ever need anything from south 'Bama, (and I am here) just reach out.
Ride safe.
With much gratitude,

Honor Mission for Charles Lawrence Rennicks on Friday 12 April 2013

On behalf of the family, who just found out YESTERDAY 6/10/13, that he had passed away;  I just want to thank your organization for taking care of him and being there when he went to his final resting place.  It had been many years since anyone had heard from him or anything about him.  He cut off contact with his kids after letting them know that he was "sick".  He did not want them to worry about him.  He has cousins who he grew up with that did not even know he had cancer or where he was at all.  All of which, along with his 3 remaining aunts, are devastated by his passing.  My mom is one of the cousins.   I was doing some research online last night and saw an article for CBS 7 which stated that your organization was riding with him to Texas Veterans Cemetery in Abilene and that you guys didn't want to see a veteran placed in an unmarked grave because he had no family or friends to bury him.  I have spread that to my family and everyone is so very grateful and very appreciative to PGR for being there for Charles "Butch" Rennicks when we were unable to be there for him.  We are all very happy that he was able to have a military funeral and burial in the veteran's cemetery.  It has given the family some peace knowing that.




The Family of Marine Corporal Charles Lawrence Rennicks




Honor Mission for James Schwarz on Thursday 28 March 2013

Words Cannot express our gratitude for your presence here today to honor our husband, father, grandpa uncle & friend.  Thank you all for your service & May God Bless! 


The Schwarz Family


Honor Mission Brad Brown on Saturday 16 March 2013

Dear Mr. Groff and the Patriot Guard,

My family and I would like to extend a sincere appreciation for the support and participation of the Patriot Guard that were a significant part of my son's memorial service.  The participation of the guard among many others helped make this a very proud and memorable send off for Brad.  It was so fitting to hear the roar of motorcycles lead off the convoy of vehicles to the memorial site.  Brad loved riding motorcycles and the Patriot Guard made his last ride complete.  Words cannot express how everyone's participation made us feel and assisted in paying last homage to him.  It has allowed us to gain closure with very patriotic and proud memories of our son.  We are proud he was a firefighter of the United States Air Force and was able to serve his country tith honor.  Thank you again!


With Sincerest Appreciation,

Keith and Cynthia Brown



To the Patriot Guard Riders:

    On behalf of the men & women of the 312th Training Squadron, I'd like to thank you all for honoring TSgt Brad Brown and his family by riding and posting the colors at his funeral. 

    Your professionalism and patriotism were on display for all to see and helped make the memorial service a touching experience for us all.  

    Thanks for doing your part to make it special for the family.

Yours truly,

Lt Col Derek Ferland



Honor Mission for William O Smith on Friday 8 March 2013

Dear Patriot Guard Riders,


  You recently escorted my father, Cpl. William Smith, to his graveside services on March 8, 2013.  We appreciate the time you all took from your schedules to help make daddy's service so meaningful and so very patriotic; and, the B1's flying in the background at the appropriate times were...well... PRICELESS.  Daddy would have loved it!

  May God bless each and every one of you.



Cheri Smith Carter


Honor Mission for W.F. Matthews on Saturday 02 March 2013

To the Patriot Guard

Ladies & Gentlemen,


Words cannot say what thanks we owe your group for the respect and honor ya'll showed for my dad at his funeral.  The flags were awsome and it was obvious that it was not about the Patriot Guard, but it was showing respect for an "old soldier.  Thanks.


Keep it up,

Tommy & The rest of the Mathews' Family


Honor Mission for Ralph Barnes on Monday, 18 February 2013


Just got a call from my sister who got a call from my cousin in Texas.  My cousins wanted to express their gratitude to the PGR members at my uncles funeral.  They were impressed with all the members and were happy the PGR participated in my uncles funeral.  Please pass this message to the members along with my own salute to the guys for a job well done. 


Thank you again,

Bill Gates


Honor Mission for Ray West on Friday, 25 January 2013


The family and friends of Ray West would like to express our gratitude for the honor your group paid to him on January 25, 2013.  We knew Papa Ray was an American Patriot; he was a veteran of WW II, a former Prisoner of War, and a retiree from the United States Air Force.  We feel your presence at his services made others aware of his dedication to his country.  We truly appreciate the comfort and feeling of pride your participation provided.


Penny Singleton and Quatonya Solis



Honor Mission for Don Fletcher on Monday, 29 October 2012


Please thank all the Patriots for the wonderful things you did at my huaband, Don Fletcher's funeral.  You were so expressive and I was overwhelmed for your professionlism. 


God Bless you All,

Anna Marie


Honor Mission for Roland Johnson on Friday, 03 August 2012



On behalf of my wife and the Roland Johnson family, I wish to offer our sincere thanks for the honor you bestowed for Roland.  It would have been a good service but your presence added that touch of dignity and respect that he richly deserved.  The family was so appreciative Patriot Guard Riders were at his service.  I have attended many funeral services but had never been on the receiving end of the Patriot Guard Riders "Standing Tall & Silent".  I hope, at the end of each mission, we  have briefly taken away some of the pain and replaced it with a memory that will last a lifetime.  Your group did that for the Johnson family.  Thanks Kelly and all the Abilene Patriot Guard Riders for a job well done.
Paul "Bullet One" Miller
Patriot Guard Riders of Texas
Ride Captain
Red River Region


Honor Mission for Dortha Neumann on Saturday, 28 July 2012


For the other brothers and sisters that took part in the honoring of Dortha Neumann we want each of you to know how deeply honored the family and all those in attendance were touched by your presence, professionalism and dedication. As a former Marine (Nam) Vet I salute you guys for your service to our fallen hero's and their families

God bless,
Chuck Holmes & Jonny Neumann.
























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